Cars, Busses and Trucks.

Welcome to START TransportationThe safe accessible transportation of clients and materials at START is a priority.

Our fleet of vehicles provide safe daily transportation for our clients between designated stops in Carbondale, Murphysboro, or DeSoto and their job, training, or rehabilitation at START. Some clients walk to START and some are transported by their family members. Clients that work on Janitorial Crews are transported to their residences after the completion of their evening shift.


Service vehicles The START Rest Stop Janitorial Crew has a SUV to transport workers and supplies to the Illinois Trail of Tears Rest Stop Facility. Other Janitorial Crews have similar vehicles.
Cars at Start
Each of the START CILA homes has a van to transport client residents to appointments and outings.


Start Mini Buses
The START accessible 14 passenger buses are used to transport clients to and from the various START programs.
Wheelchair accessable.
Many of the accessible vehicles that START uses to transport clients have wheelchair lifts.


START Truck START trucks are used to deliver products produced for our business contracts.