Administrative office

The Old Depot - Now used as the Administrative Building. The building donated by the Illinois Central Rail Road in 1969 was the first operational center. That year The Southern Illinoisan newspaper said, "The aim of the center is to provide services, mainly training for jobs, for mentally handicapped persons for whom such services are generally not available by other agencies." Local labor unions donated workers to remodel the building for an office , activity rooms and class rooms.

The Peyton Kunce BuildingThe Peyton Kunce Building - Now home to the microfilming / imaging lab. Through the years this building was a grocery store, a catalog order store, and a State Representative's office. START added this property in 1979 and used the quarters for staff offices.
START Production Building

The START Production Building - Originally an A&P Grocery store, this building was destroyed by fire in 1983. Local labor unions donated the labor to rebuild. An integral part of the Vocational Training and Services for Businesses programs, this facility has the necessary space and equipment to provide our clients and staff a safe and comfortable working environment.
12th Streed Developmental Training Center

12th Street Developmental Training Center
- This facility added to the START Campus in 2001 offers services suited to the needs of senior citizens with developmental disabilities. The focus is on social skills, maintaining existing levels of self-help skills, maintain health and fitness, sensory stimulation and the enjoyment of life at a slower pace.
Manning Street Developmental Training Center

The Manning Street Developmental Training Center
- This new facility was opened in 2001. It is used to focus on client problem solving skills, safety skills, academic development, exercise and healthful living skills, recreation, community integration, and enhancing skills and ability to engage in productive work activities.
Founders Hall

The Founders Hall Developmental Training Center - This is the newest START facility. Completed in 2008, it's use focuses on client fine and gross motor development, attention span development, grooming, dressing, toileting and eating skills, communication, recreation, and behavioral skills development and community integration.