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We have 14,000 feet of work space availability and modern material handling equipment, including air and power tools. Our workforce is ready and willing to work for your company. The quality of our service, our pricing, and our awareness of our customers deadlines, make us a great alternative to your subcontracting needs.

Building special shipping containers.

Currently, START Subcontracts include:

  • Document Shredding / Records Destruction with confidentiality guarantee.

  • Archiving / Records Imaging / Digitizing: We offer complete service to archive your important records. After organizing your documents per your requirements, we remove all fasteners, and either convert them to Microfilm or Digital Imaging storage medium.

  • Commercial Janitorial Services: We have experienced janitorial crews working in the community.

  • Specialty Pallets and Packing Boxes: We build shipping systems to manufacturers' specifications.

  • Small Parts Assembly and Packaging: We assemble parts kits for manufacturers.

Benefits of using START Subcontracting

  • Immediate availability of manpower
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Appropriate use of your skilled workers
  • Reduce need for additional space utilization
  • Reduce OSHA and insurance liability
  • Increased profits to you

How can we meet your needs?

Call Carl W. Hartmann, Production Coordinator
Phone (618) 687-2378


  • Our Job Placement staff can provide you with job ready individuals to fill your job vacancies. You gain employees, backed by professional follow-up services, potential tax credits and training benefits, and on the job assistance.

Willing Workforce

  • By working with START, you gain dependable and valued employees backed by the support of a placement specialist and job coach.

    • Job Coaching: This service is provided by us at no cost to you. Job coaches assist employers and employees with the transition to the new job. START offers this service to assure everyone fully understands the components of the job. Not all START participants need job coaches.

    • On the Job Training On the Job Evaluation: These programs allow the employer and the employee to try-out the job prior to getting hired. Typically these employees are paid for a brief period of time through Department of Human Services. After the trial period, the employer has the option to hire the employee.

    • Tax Credit Incentive: Your business may be eligible for up to $2,400 in tax credits per START participant.

  • Participants at START have completed extensive training which includes, but is not limited to:

    • Job Retention
    • Career Counseling
    • Work Adjustment Training
    • Vocational Evaluation
    • Production Experience
    • Janitorial Experience
In addition to training, START participants have demonstrated job readiness in a variety of vocational areas.

Commercial Janitorial Services

The START contract with the State of Illinois for Janitorial Services at the Dongola Interstate 57 TRAIL OF TEARS Rest Stop has been awarded as the most clean rest stop in the State for a number of years. The following photos are of one of the current crews.

Janitorial Cres